Wine Tours In Italy – Explores The Best Wines In Italy

A wine tour in Tuscany is an experience of a lifetime. Blessed with a mesmerizing landscape and abundant natural beauty, Tuscany offers much more than glitzy hotels, tidy spas, and designer restaurants. Indeed, a Tuscan vacation is a combination of culture, history, architecture, and land than any other destination in Italy.

It is the land where Michelangelo drew his lines for the sculpted Statue of Liberty and where Botticelli created his most famous paintings. If you are looking for true Italian style and sophistication, a wine tour in Tuscany is an ideal choice.

Tuscany is also home to several noteworthy international brands. Tuscan wine tours are a perfect way to explore the many types of wine produced in this region.

Tuscan wines include wines from the Montalcino area, here a famous varietal, Sangiovese Grosso, used to produce good potent red wine; the Brunello di Montalcino. The we find also Montepulciano, which are more popular for dry reds.

For tuscan wine tours, choose companies that offer a comprehensive tour itinerary that includes not just the country’s famous wine-producing regions but also the ones most accessible by road.

In addition to visiting Italian wineries, one should also try a bit of Tuscan food. Tuscan cuisine combines elements from several different cuisines and regions, and there are several places in and around the city that specialize in preparing this traditional fare.

One of the most popular meals served during wine tours in Tuscany is the “taverna” meal, a sumptuous buffet that includes a selection of traditional dishes as well as Italian snacks and desserts. Tuscan cuisine is best prepared with locally caught fresh seafood. Fish such as baccalĂ  is very common in Tuscan waters, and grilled lamb is another favorite.