Various Styles and Types of Hearing Aids

You may have been considering getting a hearing aid. But have been putting it off because you do not know how it will look. It is good that you have taken the first step in trying to know about hearing aids. Here, we are going to look at various types of hearing aids that you can consider. A hearing aid does not correct hearing loss. However, it is a useful tool that amplifies the sounds around you, which improves your hearing. An invisible hearing aid is most effective for users with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Different types of hearing aids will vary depending on price, special features, size as well as how you place them in your ear. A discreet hearing aid is small and is one of the most popular devices, as it is barely noticeable. These types of hearing aids include:
• ITC or in the canal: This hearing aid is specially molded and placed in the ear canal. Adults with mild to moderate hearing can use this device. It is less noticeable in the ear. However, the speaker can be clogged by wax, and most of its additional features can fail to fit in the canal.
• Mini CIC or Complete in the Canal. This is molded into the ear canal to improve hearing in adults suffering from moderate to mild hearing loss.
• In the Ear (ITE): This comes in two styles. The first is molded to fit the outer bowl-shaped part of the ear. The other fills the lower part.
• BTE (Behind the Ear): This type sits behind the ear after hooking on the top part. A custom earmold (earpiece) in the canal connects to a tube on the hearing aid.
• RIC (Receiver in Canal) or Receiver in the Ear (RIE): A wire is used to connect the receiver in the ear.