Full Size Bed Canopy


Full Size Bed Canopy

A cover mattress is an ornamental mattress considerably similar to a four-poster bed. A typical canopy mattress usually options posts at every of the four corners extending four toes high or extra above the mattress. Ornate or decorative cloth is usually draped throughout the upper house between the posts and a strong swath of cloth might create a ceiling, or canopy straight over the bed.

A four-poster mattress is a mattress with four vertical columns, one in every corner, that support a tester, or upper (usually rectangular) panel. This tester or panel will usually have rails to permit curtains to be pulled around the bed. There are a selection of vintage four-poster beds extant dating to the 16th century and earlier; many of those early beds are highly ornate and are made out of oak. An example of such an early 16th-century four-poster resides in Crathes Fort, which was made for the unique fort homeowners in the Burnett of Leys family.

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