What to know about direct to garment printing

If You’re Planning to Perform krekluapdruka, then lead to garment printing may be the possibility to select for. It is a method t-shirt printing (tkreklu apdruka) that employs a inkjet printer that is highly altered to apply the ink to the garment, heat placed by a tube drier. Ther are pros and pitfalls which you ought to learn about before you make a decision whether it can be your method of preference.

Experts Of DTG printing

• When Compared to screen printing, guide to garment comes with a quick turnaround
• It does not require artwork to be colour or layer separated or some other vector format
• It will not have installation costs which make this among their finest options Whenever You’re doing reduced volume operate
• Best for replicating full-color Photos right
• It Is Excellent for layouts that need different colors
Disadvantages Of all DTG printing
• Underbase or even pre-treatment is employed to colored and dim garments, which creates a layer for your base making that the processing lengthy
• There are times once the pre-treatment reacts with all the garment leaving bleach which you’ll just detect when you apply the pre-treatment and waiting to detect a reaction.
• Prints on coloured and dim clothes could look less grainy and Not as vibrant
• It is hard to match into the exact PMS meaning, what you print may come out when it is slightly different from what you’re anticipating to Become from the screen print
• Sports shirts or lace garments cannot make use of this process of printing thanks to using low grade of cotton. It may just be employed on garments together with at least 80% cotton.